1. Your character is level 1.  You’re just coming into the Harbor, and you are new to the world of the Supernatural. You can be a vampire, but you were recently (within a year or so) turned as a vampire, not centuries old. Same for Werewolves, Magic beings, etc. You haven’t mastered your craft. One of the reasons you’re coming to the Harbor is because its University has a program for cultivating the arcane, the supernatural. This isn’t common knowledge, it won’t be on the University website or advertisements,  the University would have been recommended to you by someone in-the-know. If you are playing a hunter - your hunter needs to have reason to come into the city and co-exist with the things that go bump in the night. Hunters are generally not admitted to the Universities Ancient Studies and Humanities (aka- the school of the Arcane). If you create a character that is above these limitations, we’ll assume you did not read the rules, and send you back to do so.

2. The mods have storylines in mind which we would like all players to participate in. This isn’t to say you can’t tell your own story; quite the contrary, we can’t wait to see what you bring to the board! We just ask that you respectfully run storylines by us so we can time them or adjust what we have in mind. We ask that you cc the three of us, And we can then assure you’ll have your time to shine, without someone taking your spotlight for a story about their character.  If you aren’t participating in the main storyline/playing with others, we may revisit your character sheet even if the character had been approved. 

3. We will throw stuff at you. If you do not like to have stuff thrown at your character, please don’t join the game.  (For example, if you play a witch, a spell may backfire! A mod might declare how it affects your character, that sort of thing.) Don’t worry - we won’t kill your character off! But if you have a character you’ve played for years in several games or in fanfiction, please strongly consider making a new one for this game. Stuff will happen, and it may be irreversible. 

4. We’re limiting the amount of Supernatural characters you can have to 1, but you can play a secondary character who is human if you’d like.  We’re trying to stagger the number of supernatural creatures as playing characters. 

5. Some supernatural beings may be off the table to start because they are too powerful. We understand that the concept of an Angel/Demon hybrid is tempting, but we reserve the right to say no, ‘just because.’  Even if you plan to play a very low level, basic Angel/Demon hybrid, we may have reasons /plotlines and we ask that you respect that. We promise you don’t have to be *the chosen one* to be special. We do have a list of characters off-the-table because we consider them problematic or contrarily, vital to the plot line. 

6. If you Godmod, we will nerf your character. For instance, if you post that you single handedly wipe out an army of undead with your magic imbibed gauntlet and a snap of your fingers, we will post that we’re all still fighting as you stand there like a lump, snapping your fingers, obviously in some sort of delusional like state.  We’ll also probably nicely talk to you outside of game. 

7. We’re very big on communication. If you don’t have a functioning email account that you routinely check, you won’t be accepted to the game. There are no need for exceptions so we won’t make any. We’re also pretty active on google hangouts, and are prone to spurts of in-character chatter. While hangouts aren’t mandatory, it’s a lot of fun. 

8. Reluctant characters are great, maybe you come from a long line of witches/alumni and they’ve decided that you are to attend the university, but this is a university.  The mods won’t make your character go to class. We won’t drag your character kicking and screaming into the story or on quests. Doubts and reservations are great, they make for an interesting read, but your character will get left behind if you make them too reluctant. 

9. Kid vampires. No. If you were turned before age 17, you aren’t in college. We can recommend a nice school in Forks Washington, or over in Montana. Kid vampires tend to be too troublesome for Emerlan Harbor, and they have a good thing going that they won’t chance.  Vampires can’t reproduce and have offspring. If you are a family of vampires, the council would politely ask your fampire to leave. If you don’t? They would ask not so politely. 

10. Consequences!  This game will provide consequences. If you break one of the laws set by the elders - depending on what you do, you may get more than a slap on the wrist. You can appeal your case to the Faery council - but you may not like the 

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